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Products and Solutions

We bring in range of Information Technology Infrastructure Solutions for your Business. Today, IT Infrastructure is seeing a rapid change, we enable organizations move to a dynamic infrastructure making business scalable and future-ready. From end point to cloud, we assist you in getting the right IT infrastructure. Whether you are buying new servers and PCs, planning to invest more in your existing legacy systems in order to improve response times or simply making various hardware infrastructures integrate, we have the solution for you. We partner with world leading brands like HP, Cisco, Microsoft etc, and as such are able to provide you the best of IT infrastructure and after-sales support. To best link your people with your critical enterprise applications so that your people are most productive and responsive to customers and you get the most value from your infrastructure investment, We a s partners of Cisco, 3 Com, AMP, Dlink we will build for you scalable, robust networks.

We help you measurably improve your security position by creating the visibility you need to make security an integral part of your business operations. We can help you develop a security program thats reliable but flexible, powerful yet simple to manage.

Backup and Storage Solutions To ensure continuity to your business and guarantee that your valuable data is never lost we design network policies and provide solutions keeping in mind your backup and redundancy needs. We have solutions available from Hewlett Packard, Legato (EMC) and Veritas (SYMANTEC), the leaders in the Backup and Storage of data. These solutions are customizable to meet your individual needs

In System Integration H&H Technologies has carved a niche and place for itself not because it has solid backing of product knowledge for selling but also for providing the complete integration of the turnkey projects. In Network Integration H&H Technologies is a very strong Network Integrator with strengths in routing, switching, security, wireless, load-balancing, voice & structured cabling.