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Technology and Training Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Computing is one of the most powerful emerging trends that will change the way businesses are run today. We offer cloud services in various layers and flavors. Some of these cloud services include:

• Cloud Identifying & Advisory Services: We help customers in identifying and assessing opportunities to move on to a cloud environment to gain significant business benefits. We provide consulting services such as Cloud Identifying services which help customers adopt the right set of cloud services systematically and profitably.

• Private Cloud Services: Today more and more organizations are realizing the importance of cloud and we have experience in infrastructure virtualization, data center and migration services to provide implementation and migration to customers from existing environments to a Private Cloud environment for long term secure environment profitably. We also manage the entire Cloud infrastructure.

• H&H Cloud : A Cloud Service owned by us for our customers on a IaaS/HaaS basis (Infrastructure as a Service/Hardware as a Service), Storage/backup/Archival on Cloud, Hosted E-Mail, RIMS and Hosted Campus ERP for Education etc.. We are in the process of building more and more cloud services.

Virtualization Services

We provide Virtualization Services to accelerate the success of your virtualization initiative. Whether you want to start with server virtualization, extend virtualization to storage and then across the data center, or implement a desktop virtualization solution for a seamless user experience, we provide a comprehensive approach that helps reduce costs, achieve better performance and secure the virtualized infrastructure. Our Services include:

• Capacity Assessment
• Consulting
• Implementation & Integration with Multiple OS
• Migration & Cloud Infrastructure Optimization

Network & Data Center - Build, Test and Audit Services:
We provide Network & Data Center Services across technology and product domains. The services are based on a Scope of Work model and Standard services.We offer consulting, solution design, implementation and integration services. We have partnered with HP & Cisco for network infrastructure Services. Our portfolio of services includes :

Vulnerability & Penetration Test : We offer high level Security audit services which help customers secure their networks
Thermal and Cooling Audit Services: Today, in existing Data Centers the biggest challenge is managing Power with respect to Cooling the IT components which get in to a Data Center. We offer Thermal Assessment and Audit services which will ensure that Customers get to know the extent of Power used to cool and also identify the Hot Spots. This Audit also covers Green Certification of Data Centers.
LAN / WAN / WLAN / UC Assessment: We help customers assess their existing network and plan for infrastructure in an optimized fashion.. We offer assessment on multiple technologies and bring in the best of the tools and methodologies.
Data Center Building, Management & Assessment: We help Enterprise customer in building and managing their Data Centers as well as assess the existing Data Centers’ capability, capacity and sustainability for future growth.

Application Services
We provide application services for customers to enable IT for newer technologies. Today is the era of mobile computing and we offer services with reference to the relevant new technologies. Our portfolio of services includes :
Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence offers you an analysis of data and provides the right information for faster decision making. We offer Business Intelligence tools for customers to enable faster decisions in IT & Business. We have partnered with QlikTechfor their product QlikView as Solution Providers.
Mobile Communication Solution : We help customers to have information on their’ finger tips by providing solutions on Mobile Communications. This comprises of E-Mail, Internet as well as Voice. We have partnered with Blackberry to provide their’ solutions for E-Mail and Voice. With Blackberry Mobile Voice System, customers can leverage on unified communication between smartphones, office phones and Blackberry Playbooks.
Migration Services: Being an End to End IT Infrastructure & Services company, we have extensive experience in migrating applications and infrastructure. We provide migration services for Messaging, Collaboration, Servers, OS, Database, Storage and Unified Communication.

Education Services

Whether it is software training or soft skill training our experienced and efficient Trainers ensure that high quality training is imparted. Software trainings include platforms like MS, Oracle, Java etc.

Data Centre Management & Transformation Solutions

  • Data center design and implementation.

  • Storage and Servers.

  • Backup, Recovery and Archiving Solutions Servers and Storage Virtualization.

With rapidly changing technologies & exponentially increasing business demands, there is a constantly generating need of a highly dependable, robust & scalable data center support. A reliable data center adds value to existing IT infrastructure, keeping business up & running.

Increasing support costs including multiple facilities and wide range of servers, over burden organizations with rising energy bills & floor space requirements.

To slice down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), organizations are moving towards highly efficient datacenters which optimize its resources in a better way, complying with standardized processes and supple technologies. Otherwise, incompetent & bulky IT platforms will slow down organizational change and become a blockade to revenue growth.

Our Solutions

Our design & transformation solutions enable organizations to establish a flexible and scalable infrastructure without compromising on cost benefits.

Our datacenter expertise constitutes:


People manage their communications across many devices and applications, which can have a negative impact on productivity. Simplification and integration of all forms of communication to optimize business processes is the need of the hour and Unified Communication successfully delivers handy solutions for all communication requirements.


Our transformation practices, not only reduce the risk of migrating to new datacenter technologies but also ensure negligible downtime for the complete operation. We have a strong foothold in the following:

  • Datacenter Virtualization

  • Relocation Consolidation

  • projects Platform

  • Migration

While engaging in the above, we, completely ensure that the implications of change do not impact system reliability, performance or integrity.


Progressive solutions will enable your organization to remove cost, complexity and barriers to change. This will result in:

Cost savings:

Our services will optimize your organization’s utilization of IT assets, resources and space as well as decrease support costs. This will maximize your return on investment from existing IT infrastructure and minimize future capital expenditure.

Business agility:

By taking advantage of new datacenter technologies such as virtualization, your organization will have rapid access to new server resources without the need for investment in new hardware. This agility is vital for responding to business changes.

Reduced environmental impact:

An optimized datacenter infrastructure will reduce power and cooling requirements, thereby your organization’s carbon footprint and energy bills.

Risk avoidance:

Within an optimized datacenter environment data can be protected better, this is the
key for maintaining regulatory compliance and your organization’s reputation