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Supplies and Accessories

To supplement our Printing solutions, we have established a Supplies Business Division, which caters to the non-stop requirements of consumables (Toners, Ink cartridges, ribbons, printer maintenance kits etc.)

We are today capable and experienced in supplying Accessories and upgrades for almost any brand of desktops, laptops, Servers, storage or back up devices that you own.

Our Portfolio of products supplies include:

• Consumables (Toners, Cartridges) for Printers / Copier machines.

• Printer accessories such as maintenance kits, fuser kits, duplexer units, fax cards, image drums etc.
• Data backup tapes of LTO1,2,3,4,5 etc. - SDLTs; DLTs, DDS, etc.
• Labels for Tape Drives.
• Data storage cases.
• Projectors of well-known brands.
• Memory and Hard Disk Drive Upgrades of PCs / laptops/ Servers.
• Interactive Smart Boards. - Audio / video solutions for conference Rooms.
• Smart/Automated Conference Room Solutions.
• Options such as Pen Drives, Mouse, Key Board, Laptop Carry Cases, Back Packs.