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Company Profile

H&H Technologies is North India's leading System Integration & Solutions Company, using the Information Technology as an enabler for its businesses.

H&H TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. was founded in 1995 and since its birth it has come a long way in terms of size, experience and expertise. H&H is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. The main business line primarily comprises of reselling Hardware, Software, System integration, facilities management and providing Solutions around host of IT products. H&H also provides its customers turnkey solutions to increase productivity. H&H focus is on enabling customers to exploit the potential of the Internet and Information technology by offering end-to-end solutions. H&H has helped its customers set up IT enabled Services business like Back Office Operations, Call Centers, Engineering and design Center. This is an attempt by H&H to leverage its service capabilities (particularly in the facilities management arena). H&H resources are perfectly matched to this business line, and its client list, its reputation, its networking expertise, and its skilled staff will help it to succeed in this field.
H&H's support facility is involved in the provision of technical support and services to Corporate, Government, Defense and SME segments. H&H is leveraging its existing expertise in Systems integration, and its Hardware and Software capabilities to provide support services to these organizations.
H&H is engaged in providing Solutions & marketing of wide range of IT products. It specializes in all types of IT products such as PC, Server, Peripherals (Printers, Scanner, Large Format Printers etc), Mobile Computing Devices, Power Systems, Storage Devices (Tape Libraries, Optical Juke Box, DAT Drive, DLT Drive etc.), Networking Products (Switches, Routers, Network Security, Wireless etc.), Application and System Software, Training & Development, Consultancy and various other services like third party web site designing, maintenance, hosting, Maintenance Contracts of hardware & software, Facilities Management etc.
Eminent and vastly experienced professionals in the IT industry manage H&H Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We want to position ourselves as a complete IT Solution Organization. We assure you our foremost attention.
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